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A majority of people can agree that curb appeal is important to most homeowners and significantly impacts the value of a home. Landscaping can help make your property feel inviting, attractive, and can be practical when it comes to environmental concerns.


 Not many people are aware how to assemble flora that creates a perfect landscape which  is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is functional as well. Nor do they know who they should actually call. I caught up with JR Kramer, owner of Remark Landscape Architecture, to find out what a landscape architect does, why you need one, and how using one can save you money, time, and heartache down the road.


To start, one may ask “Do I really need a landscape architect and what types of projects do they usually work on?” JR clarifies that landscape architects provide services in a wide variety of areas from residential design, master planning, urban planning, campus design, as well as green roof design. Bottom line- if you’re designing an outdoor environment, you need a landscape architect. They can design outdoor living spaces, such as courtyards, patios, driveways or pool houses, and so much more. One example of a landscape architect’s particular skill set is how JR worked with a client who was adding a garage and wanted to make sure it sited correctly. JR was hired to provide a site plan for the garage and guest parking and a landscape master plan that integrated the new garage and parking with future patio and gardens.

Your next question might be “how is a landscape architect’s work different from that of a landscape designer or lawn care specialist?” First things first: A landscape architect has a college degree in landscape architecture, has at least two years of training under the guidance of a licensed landscape architect, and has taken a rigorous national certification exam to ensure competency to practice landscape architecture. Pretty intense, but very important! This education and training qualify him or her to be able to take on larger and more complicated projects that include small structures, detailed hardscape designs, and drainage solutions such as rain gardens. As opposed to a garden designer, who may not have to have formal training, a college degree in design or horticulture, or even have a certificate. Keep in mind that basically anyone can call themselves a landscape designer in South Carolina but to be a landscape architect you must be licensed. A lawn care specialist provides services retailed to cutting grass, fertilizing, and maintaining other aspects of the landscape. It’s always vital to ensure that a lawn care professional has proper training as well as certificates for fertilization  and any other kinds of chemical installation.

Now you see how important it is to use a landscape architect for your hardscaping and outdoor design needs. However, is it worth the cost? Speaking of cost, how much are we talking here?

JR explains that Fees range widely, but a good rule of thumb is for a fee to be 10% of the construction cost and up to 20% for a smaller complicated project. A typical landscape master plan starts at $2,500. Again, there are a lot of variables, such as the client’s specific budget and base plan (survey, plat, the site measurements), the construction details needed, varying degrees of required research, how many concepts to be provided, and the number of client meetings. Another aspect to keep in mind is the general timeline for your project. You were already wondering that, anyway, right? JR postulates that the normal process right now, from time of initial meeting to final design, takes anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the size of the project, review process (HOA, ARB), and the promptness of client review and feedback.

So you decided to build a new home or office building. Congrats! But the decisions don’t stop there. Should you wait until construction is finished before planning out your landscaping? JR recommends a homeowner should hire a landscape architect as soon as possible. JR explains, “It’s important to bring on a landscape architect to help set budgets, provide feedback in house placement, drive and walkway design, preserving trees (or taking out trees that will impede construction), and provide grading and drainage plans.” Also keep in mind that if a landscape architect is hired early enough, a client can roll fees into a loan to ensure all costs are covered.


Aside from planting the usual grassy lawn, perhaps a few shrubs or flowers, and maybe an occasional stone path, is there really much else to landscaping? You betcha! There is a lot more to landscaping than meets the eye. JR notes that outdoor living space which incorporate native or low maintenance plantings and simple clean lines in the design currently trending in the Lowcountry. Clearly JR can demonstrate how important landscape architects are and would be happy to help you with your next landscaping project. Learn more about JR and Remark by visiting or by calling his office at 843.952.7817. JR also welcomes questions and project ideas by email at


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We’d like to take a moment and thank all of our clients and consultants over the last eight years.  We have some of the greatest clients and we so enjoy the opportunity to create beautiful places.  It couldn’t happen without you!  Thanks for a great eight years.

Also, our office is now located downtown in the creative corridor of the upper peninsula.


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A recent blog post on the website of Blue Acorn, a local tech company focused on ecommerce, describes the development of their new headquarters in the up and coming creative corridor district of the Charleston Peninsula.  The headquarters is part of a larger redevelopment project by Stephen Zoukis and Michael Wooddy of Raven Cliff Company who have dubbed the project ‘Half Mile North’.  Remark is the Landscape Architect for the project and it has been an enjoyable process collaborating with the client and consultants such as master planner and interior designer, Jacob Lindsey, of Fabric Urban Design Office and with Laura and Blake Middleton of the Middleton Group.

See the full post to get all the details and see the renderings of the project.

Considering we will soon be neighbors, as the cottage we recently bought to renovate for our new office is only a block away, we are highly invested in making this the best project it can be.

Below are a few photos of the project under construction.

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Well, it’s week one of the renovation process for the cottage that will be the new home for Remark studio.  Sledge hammers in hand, we had a good time taking down walls.  JR, Jesse and a good friend got things started this weekend by removing the exterior aluminum siding and demolishing most of the interior drywall and various other interesting wall coverings, the kitchen and ceilings.  A new expansive main room was opened up with the removal of the dividing wall.  We’re on our way!  -HK

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We are venturing out into new territory at Remark with the acquisition and upcoming renovation of a 1930′s era cottage on N. Hanover St. in what many are calling Charleston’s new ‘Creative Corridor’.  It is a big project, but we are excited about the potential it possesses and the opportunity to move our studio to this new space.  At close to 900sf it could seem small to some, but compared to our current +/-300sf quarters it will feel enormous!  So, here are a couple photos, and we will share updates on the renovation process from time to time as well.

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