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Lewis Barbecue is one of the most anticipated restaurant openings of the summer.  Considered part of the Half-Mile North redevelopment in the upper peninsula, with architecture designed by The Middleton Group, it is a great addition to the neighborhood. The attention to detail and quality construction is evident in the work done by contractor Tom Lennon.

The site details, such as stucco knee-walls and custom bike racks are consistent with those we designed for all of Half-Mile North.  And the plantings also provide continuity with innovative mix of native grasses and perennials, shrub palms and street trees.

The show stopper is the great outdoor space under the existing Live Oak.  A custom designed metal wood locker acts as a back drop on one end, with custom corten steel planters providing pops of color and defining outdoor rooms.  The crushed gravel paving allows water to get to the tree roots and is a soft counterpoint to the hard metal elements.  Custom lighting by NiteLites gives a great ambiance in the evenings.

Additionally, the neighborhood is enhanced by the newly defined street edge with street lights, sidewalks, street trees, and walls at the corner.

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One of our recently completed projects in the Upper Peninsula of Charleston is the new Butcher & Bee Restaurant.  The client desired a fun and unique space for patrons to lounge and relax while enjoying a cup of coffee or a simple lunch.  There also needed to be space for dinner seating and special events.

Using those program elements and taking a cue from the courtyard we designed for Edmund’s Oast right next door, the resulting space incorporates a stucco wall to provide a buffer from the street  and a custom bench that runs the length of the wall and wraps the edges creating a u-shape.  The bench materials are cypress and insets of corten steel. The bench is dynamic and offers a traditional bench style along with a ramp-like element for lounging and a deeper seating element for informal gathering.  The ‘floor’ of the space is a cobblestone that ties into the paving for Edmund’s Oast and connects the two spaces.  Within the space and the parking lot in the back, native grasses, perennials, and shrubs soften the clean lines of the paving, walls and benches.

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Creative Corridor, Upper Peninsula, NoMo….whatever you choose to call it, the area is transforming at rapid speed.  Our office is excited to call this area home and to be a part of the transformation.  We have been working with wonderful clients and consultants who are committed to bringing quality projects to the area. This location map shows our projects in this area that are either constructed, under construction or on the drawings boards:

Here is a sampling of the projects under construction or on the drawings boards that we’ve been a part of to date:

The future location of Butcher and Bee promises to be a fun and innovative space with unique custom designed benches and lounge space in the courtyard of cobblestone.  Meadows of native grasses and perennials will surround the space and the renovated building designed by David Thompson.  Custom bike racks ensure locals who want to leave their cars behind can, and renovated sidewalks make it easy on pedestrians.  This is sure to be a great new hot spot just steps away from Edmund’s Oast and the offices of Half-Mile North.

Custom Benches Under Construction in the cobblestone courtyard.

Lewis BBQ is just south of Half-Mile North and should be opening soon.  Located on the site of an existing building, the new structure occupies the same footprint, but The Middleton Group has transformed it into an open and airy space. A new courtyard and custom details such as a steel cabinet to hold the wood for the smokers will create a great space for hanging out at lunch or dinner.


The proposed Apartments at Romney Street on the former site of Charleston Steel and Metal is being developed by Middle Street Partners and will add a great influx of residents to this area.  With a nod to the former use, the design is trending towards an industrial/garden aesthetic.

Last, but certainly not least, Pacific Box and Crate is planned for an existing site on Upper King Street.  The developers of Half-Mile North, Raven Cliff Co. saw the potential of this space and have a vision for a mixed use campus. It will utilize and renovate the existing Dixie Box and Crate warehouse and add two new buildings with green space and courtyards between them.  It will house office space and a new, innovative dining concept.  It is sure to be a huge draw to this area for entertainment and work and our plans include sustainable design elements such as rain gardens, permeable paving in the courtyards and an innovative design concept unique for this area.

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This existing home in an established neighborhood in West Ashley recently went through a renovation providing a remarkable before and after.  The front yard was barren and neglected and the backyard lacked form and usable spaces for entertaining.

Front yard before renovation

Taking cues from the traditional style of the home, we used a circular lawn to define the space in the front yard and bring attention to the front door.  The front walk was reworked to provide a generous path through the garden with old world brick in a herringbone pattern.  The plantings under the existing trees consist of old fashioned hydrangeas, dwarf pittosporum, dwarf palms and flowers that love the shade and provide a sense of lush coolness as they frame the lawn.

In the rear yard, a new ipe deck offers a generous space for entertaining and a long set of steps spill out into the yard providing informal seating to enjoy the lawn.  The lawn itself was given a face lift be defining the edges and adding plantings similar to the front yard.  It is now a space the homeowner can enjoy.

Rear yard before renovation

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The great new Brew Pub in the Upper Penninsula, Edmund’s Oast, has received numerous accolades as of late.  As far as we are concerned they are well founded!  The latest mention is in the list of top Drinking Patios.  Having had the opportunity to be a part of the design team on this project, we were quite thrilled with the latest distinction featuring the outdoor seating area.

Edmund’s Oast is one of the tenants in the urban renewal project known as Half Mile North in the Upper Penninsula of Charleston.  We have been the LA for the project from the beginning and with tenants like Blue Acorn and SIB, it has become a great new addition to the urban fabric with a uniquely modern aesthetic.  We collaborated with the clients and architects to create a unique identity for this collection of innovative businesses through the use of sustainable features including native plants, green roofs, hardscape details that include permeable paving, and long lasting, quality materials.

We took our design cues from the architecture both existing and new, the local ecology, and the site’s industrial past to form a vocabulary of custom paving, way finding, plant palette, custom site furnishings such as bike racks, bollards, benches and fencing that creates a unified site identity for the various tenants while still providing unique features for each user.


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