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A recent blog post on the website of Blue Acorn, a local tech company focused on ecommerce, describes the development of their new headquarters in the up and coming creative corridor district of the Charleston Peninsula.  The headquarters is part of a larger redevelopment project by Stephen Zoukis and Michael Wooddy of Raven Cliff Company who have dubbed the project ‘Half Mile North’.  Remark is the Landscape Architect for the project and it has been an enjoyable process collaborating with the client and consultants such as master planner and interior designer, Jacob Lindsey, of Fabric Urban Design Office and with Laura and Blake Middleton of the Middleton Group.

See the full post to get all the details and see the renderings of the project.

Considering we will soon be neighbors, as the cottage we recently bought to renovate for our new office is only a block away, we are highly invested in making this the best project it can be.

Below are a few photos of the project under construction.

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We are venturing out into new territory at Remark with the acquisition and upcoming renovation of a 1930′s era cottage on N. Hanover St. in what many are calling Charleston’s new ‘Creative Corridor’.  It is a big project, but we are excited about the potential it possesses and the opportunity to move our studio to this new space.  At close to 900sf it could seem small to some, but compared to our current +/-300sf quarters it will feel enormous!  So, here are a couple photos, and we will share updates on the renovation process from time to time as well.

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