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While we love to completely transform existing landscapes into a modern oasis, or conjour up a beautiful, innovative space for a new house, not everyone needs a complete master plan.  Sometimes a few simple but big impact elements can be added to upgrade your outdoor space.  Here we’ll share our five favorites.

Add Curb Appeal and Function with a new Entry Walk and Fence:



Here an old, narrow, concrete walkway was removed and replaced with these beautiful, oversized, tabby concrete pavers.










Previously there was no connection to the sidewalk.  By adding a new oversized brick landing at the steps and taking the entry walk all the way to the sidewalk, we are able to create a sense of welcome and connection to the neighborhood.  The addition of the brick piers and wood fence define the public and private space and the plantings of perennials and grasses give it a pop of color and texture.

Build a Deck:

If you have a great back yard, but hardly ever use it, try adding a large deck.  A deck has the advantage of being at the same level as the living area of your home making access easy and convenient.  It also makes a great space for adults to hang out and stay out of the fray while the kids run and play in the yard.  A well designed deck can create another ‘room’ in your house for entertaining in our great Charleston climate.

Add a Fire Pit:

This may be one of  the simplest elements to add.  If you have an existing stone or brick patio, adding a nice wood burning or gas fire pit can elevate your entertainment space.  The fire pits shown below are custom designs.


We love a good greenwall for use in tight spaces.  The use of the vertical space on an existing fence or wall can bring more green to your small garden.  Fill it with native grasses and perennials, or even herbs for cooking.  The Wooly Pockets system shown below is modular and can be used on various materials.  You can also simply add stainless steel cables in an interesting pattern and grow flowering vines.

Use Your Front Yard for Entertaining:

This typical suburban home is located on a canal resulting in a very narrow backyard.  By taking back some of the unused space in the front yard we have given the homeowners a great space to entertain.  A low seawall defines the space and gives privacy without feeling like the entrance is cutoff from the neighborhood.  By planting a small tree, native grasses and perennials, we further increase the privacy and enclose the patio in a beautiful garden.

Hope you enjoyed these few tips on making the most of your outdoor spaces. – H.R.K.

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It’s not often you have the opportunity to work on a project that incorporates a life size, authentic reproduction of a tepee.  But that’s just what we encountered a this Daniel Island home.  An existing grove of beautiful Oak trees was the perfect foil for the tepee’s new home.  We surrounded the structure with low growing shrubs and ground cover, and designed a stone patio for a fire pit close by. With the addition of outdoor lighting and the incorporation of the client’s sculpture into the plantings of native grasses, a great entertaining experience is created.  All that’s needed now are sleeping bags and ingredients for s’mores!


photos by Patrick Brickman

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Daniel Island is a beautiful little island town with lovely homes, quiet streets and an abundance of parks.  We recently completed a renovation of a home that needed a little update to make it more welcoming from the street and a beautiful retreat in the backyard that has a wonderful view of the marsh and creek.

To update the front, we removed the overgrown shrubs revealing the beauty of the home and put in a row of dwarf palms for texture.  The front walk was widened to be more in scale with the home and custom cast concrete pavers and steps create a grand welcoming entrance.

In the rear, an existing garden entrance was reworked with a new brick landing leading down a winding brick path to a circular patio adjacent to the creek where a fire pit made from a sugar kettle provides the perfect place to take in the view of the marsh and creek beyond.

Another brick patio was added onto the rear of the house to provide much needed entertaining and lounging space to enjoy the new great lawn and garden.  The garden incorporates an abundance of native flowering and evergreen shrubs as well as native perennials, ensuring interest in every season.

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