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There are many creative ways to add more ‘green’ to your space.  Whether it is a narrow walkway between buildings, a small courtyard, outdoor patio or open air shade structure, there is no reason to be limited by your available outdoor area.  The following are some creative ways to make the most of underused or small spaces and add a little more green to your life.

This greenwall in a courtyard for Half-Mile North in the upper peninsula provides a great backdrop of beautiful native perennials and grasses.  A system of Woolly Pockets were attached to this custom designed cypress and steel fence.  The pockets are a modular system that provide a perfect vertical growing environment and can be customized to any design large or small.

 This narrow walkway connects the courtyard above that sits between two buildings to the street and a parking lot.  Instead of being limited by the narrow dimensions and lack of light, the design embraces the constraints and provides an innovative solution.  The push and pull of the sidewalk creates a dynamic feeling and allows for the planting of native perennials and shade loving plants.

At Blue Acorn’s office across the street, the steal arbor we designed boasts a lush green roof.  This shows that a green roof isn’t just for buildings.

A simpler way to bring a little green to a courtyard is to plant a vine like fig vine at the base of a wall and let it grow.  Here, the courtyard at Edmund’s Oast gets a verdant boost and the orange sign pops from the green background.

As a final example, the crisscrossing stainless steel wires set against the wall of this building provide just enough structure for this native honeysuckle vine to climb.  The result is a fun pattern of green leaves and coral blooms.

Although the examples cited are from commercial projects we have done, the elements would be equally applicable to a residential project. -H

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The great new Brew Pub in the Upper Penninsula, Edmund’s Oast, has received numerous accolades as of late.  As far as we are concerned they are well founded!  The latest mention is in the list of top Drinking Patios.  Having had the opportunity to be a part of the design team on this project, we were quite thrilled with the latest distinction featuring the outdoor seating area.

Edmund’s Oast is one of the tenants in the urban renewal project known as Half Mile North in the Upper Penninsula of Charleston.  We have been the LA for the project from the beginning and with tenants like Blue Acorn and SIB, it has become a great new addition to the urban fabric with a uniquely modern aesthetic.  We collaborated with the clients and architects to create a unique identity for this collection of innovative businesses through the use of sustainable features including native plants, green roofs, hardscape details that include permeable paving, and long lasting, quality materials.

We took our design cues from the architecture both existing and new, the local ecology, and the site’s industrial past to form a vocabulary of custom paving, way finding, plant palette, custom site furnishings such as bike racks, bollards, benches and fencing that creates a unified site identity for the various tenants while still providing unique features for each user.


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