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Having just attended our professional organization’s (SCASLA) state conference, I’m reminiscent of what brought me to this profession and how it is understood or not by the general public.  Having had no knowledge of this profession prior to my gaining admittance to the University of Georgia, I can not take offense to others who are unsure as to what Landscape Architecture is.  But it was interesting to find out how many of the places and spaces I grew up loving were the work of Landscape Architects.  I have found over the years that many Landscape Architects have a similar experience of ‘finding’ Landscape Architecture, and being so excited after they did.  As a benefit of this, many Landscape Architects are incredibly passionate about what they do.  I have found in the last 14 years that people have become more knowledgeable about Landscape Architecture as issues related to ‘green design’ and ‘sustainability’ have grabbed headlines and fostered dialogue.  My journey into Landscape Architecture was  a process.  I had always had a natural ability to draw and create but did not feel comfortable as an art major.  Growing up, I loved to spend time outside playing and exploring like so many other kids.  Finding a profession where I could combine these two areas was wonderful and getting to help create places that people will enjoy is great.

So, now to answer the question.  What is Landscape Architecture anyway?  In its most basic sense, it is the design of the spaces you live in outside of buildings.  We collaborate with other professionals such as architects, civil engineers, city planners, and contractors to make these spaces work on all levels.  The lines of art and science are blurred by us to create unique places.  It requires an ability to wear many hats and have knowledge on a wide range of subjects including elements of design, plants, natural systems, vehicular circulation, drafting, project management and many more.   It’s a lot of fun, and we are thankful we get the opportunity to be a part of every project.  -H.K.Visit National ASLA’s  website to see more detailed info on what a Landscape Architect is and the benefits we bring to the table.


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Thanks to ART MAG for the nice article on us in the current issue!  Written by Jillian Cunningham, the article is a nice synopsis of what we do, our approach to design and our passion for the art of placemaking.

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