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At this year’s Piccolo Spoleto , we again had the opportunity to be a part of the multi-media show put on by Artist on Fire.  We presented a temporary installation piece inspired by the theme.

Title:  Advancing
Artist Statement:

As people, our experience of time is linear.  The sun rises and marks its path through the sky hour by hour, then sets and the moon takes its place.  That is our experience as finite beings.  One day, season or year leads to the next.  But what if that were only part of the truth?  There is a beginning and end to our time and every day of our lives has been appointed with a purpose.  What if there were a way to see through and beyond time to the greater purposes of life?  Would we find those purposes advancing whether or not our current circumstances are fraught with difficulty or trouble free?  Perhaps there is a perfect time for everything, and in the end it is all good?  These are the ideas and questions our piece seeks to explore and provoke.

Night & Day - The Sun Always Rises

Night & Day - The Sun Always Rises


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JR and Holly Kramer were once again given the amazing opportunity to be a part of the Artist on Fire visual art show for Piccolo Spoleto 2011.  The theme of the show this year was ‘Infusion’: The Laws of Force & Motion

Artist Statement:  It all started with Light.  As each day opens we are given a gift, something new.  What seems broken, cast off, or forgotten can become new and beautiful.  These multi-media sculptures take you on a journey as each ‘day’ is infused with newness.
The ‘Beauty for Ashes’ series began with:


Light (Environmental Art)

This piece was located outside the building along Henrietta and Meeting street.  It transformed the sidewalk and right of way with an infusion of bright white light, and introduced visitors to the show.

Refresh, Reveal, Restore, Revive, Reclaim (Mixed-media Sculptures)

These sculptures utilized reclaimed and recycled materials in the form of broken glass, discarded silk plants, old doors, broken and cast off furniture.  The pieces were stripped to bear wood and given a wash of white stain to bring out the beautiful character.  Scars gained from years of wear and tear were accented.  All of the pieces together represent a new life with each piece sprouting an element inspired by the creation story.

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‘Infusion’ among Piccolo’s broad array of events
Published on 05/27/11

An explosion of the arts is about to detonate like celestial confetti.

Even as the Spoleto Festival USA celebrates its 35th year with the opening festivities today at Charleston City Hall, devotees of the companion Piccolo Spoleto Festival are pouring over a long list of events from which to choose for the 17-day performing arts festivals.

The risk rests with overlooking some of the more unusual or quirky possibilities amid a raft of riches.

To wit: Artist on Fire’s visual arts offering “Infusion: The Laws of Force & Motion,” wherein Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion is given a fresh spin, with the pain of creation giving birth to something “unexpectedly remarkable, astonishingly beautiful, and miraculously perfect.”

Running through June 12 in the chapel at Citadel Square Baptist Church, 328 Meeting St., this multimedia exhibit explores the cycles of life, the forces that propel change, and “what results from active, purposeful interaction with our world.”

Fourteen artists and eight musicians, all but one from the Charleston area, reveal varied aspects of the theme through works in painting, sculpture, dance, photography, film, installation art, music and poetry.

” ‘Infusion’ represents a group of artists who are among the most committed, passionate people who find great joy in the arts,” said Ellen Dressler Moryl of the Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs, which coordinates and oversees Piccolo. “They are great at helping us see more clearly the beauty of the world and our own community,” she said.

“Similarly, we believe the festival does much to connect people and create community. We have had an excellent run for 32 years of Piccolo Spoleto and expect in our 33rd to continue to reach out to those who have not experienced the festival.”

Though hardly obscured by the wide array of Piccolo events, organizers suggest that there’s one not to miss — Sunday’s Spotlight Concert appearance by Italian pianist Laura Magnani.

In an official Sister City exchange between Spoleto and Umbria, Italy, and Charleston, Magnani will perform a program for solo piano including works by Chopin, Liszt and Prokofieff. Magnani, founder and artistic director of the Spoleto (Italy) Piano Festival, will play at 8 p.m. at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park.

Moryl said this marks the first in a series of planned exchanges. Jack Alterman will lead a group of Charleston photographers to Italy in the fall.

Other Piccolo events to ponder include Pure Theatre’s production of David Mamet’s controversial play “Race” at 334 East Bay St.; What If? Productions’ two-night run of the audacious play “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” at the American Theatre, 446 King St.; and an appearance by Rhiannon Giddens Laffan (of Carolina Chocolate Drops renown) for the choral music concert “Eleganza” at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 18 Thomas St.

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Project Description:

REMARK’s participation in the Piccolo Spoleto Exhibit ‘Passing Notion?’ was two-fold.  We provided a ‘garden’ setting for part of the show where artist Alex Radin’s work was on display.

We also created the ‘Thirst’ exhibit. The concept behind the piece was that wherever there is water there is life.  Water has the power to transform.  A desert landscape becomes a lush oasis; a river cuts through stone to make a grand canyon.  We all thirst for something.  Once acquired, does the object of our thirst bring forth life in us? Does it transform us?  The inspiration for our designs comes from nature; specifically indigenous plant communities, their function within an ecosystem, and how people are inherently connected to nature.   In order to provide a sense of place and belonging, we explore the making of spaces that restructure a native habitat into an ‘aesthetic ecology’.

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The Piccolo Spoleto art exhibit ‘Passing Notion?’ was featured in the Post & Courier this Sunday.  Adam Parker wrote an article titled ‘Artists take a ‘Notion’ to express beliefs through work, performances’ highlighting the muiltimedia exhibit in which JR and Holly Kramer were a part. Read the full article at : http://www.postandcourier.com/news/2010/jun/06/06notion/

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