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Well, it’s week one of the renovation process for the cottage that will be the new home for Remark studio.  Sledge hammers in hand, we had a good time taking down walls.  JR, Jesse and a good friend got things started this weekend by removing the exterior aluminum siding and demolishing most of the interior drywall and various other interesting wall coverings, the kitchen and ceilings.  A new expansive main room was opened up with the removal of the dividing wall.  We’re on our way!  -HK

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We are venturing out into new territory at Remark with the acquisition and upcoming renovation of a 1930′s era cottage on N. Hanover St. in what many are calling Charleston’s new ‘Creative Corridor’.  It is a big project, but we are excited about the potential it possesses and the opportunity to move our studio to this new space.  At close to 900sf it could seem small to some, but compared to our current +/-300sf quarters it will feel enormous!  So, here are a couple photos, and we will share updates on the renovation process from time to time as well.

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Daniel Island is a beautiful little island town with lovely homes, quiet streets and an abundance of parks.  We recently completed a renovation of a home that needed a little update to make it more welcoming from the street and a beautiful retreat in the backyard that has a wonderful view of the marsh and creek.

To update the front, we removed the overgrown shrubs revealing the beauty of the home and put in a row of dwarf palms for texture.  The front walk was widened to be more in scale with the home and custom cast concrete pavers and steps create a grand welcoming entrance.

In the rear, an existing garden entrance was reworked with a new brick landing leading down a winding brick path to a circular patio adjacent to the creek where a fire pit made from a sugar kettle provides the perfect place to take in the view of the marsh and creek beyond.

Another brick patio was added onto the rear of the house to provide much needed entertaining and lounging space to enjoy the new great lawn and garden.  The garden incorporates an abundance of native flowering and evergreen shrubs as well as native perennials, ensuring interest in every season.

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